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There are apps for most things you do online - use them safely and securely.

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Posted on 3 January 2018

Thanks to apps, your phone, tablet and watch have become the smartest and fastest way to communicate, navigate, shop, bank, book, pay, get your entertainment … you name it.

But convenience can bring disadvantages, so we’d like to pass on a few expert tips about making sure you choose and use apps safely and securely.

  • Use only official app stores to avoid downloading bogus apps
  • Read the small print before you accept terms and conditions
  • Know what permissions you’re granting the app for accessing location, photos, and other functions or data
  • Check settings for automatic update selection
  • Check content ratings, especially for apps which may be accessed by children
  • Always log out … don’t just close the app
  • Use public Wi-Fi safely, don’t use hotspots when what you’re doing is confidential
  • Download app updates when prompted, as they often contain security fixes
  • Look after your devices so they don’t get lost or fall into the wrong hands
  • Keep an eye on bills, as data use and in-app purchases can soon mount up
  • Do your housekeeping by removing unused apps and resetting your device when disposing of it

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