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Substance misuse and community safety

This free half day course will increase knowledge of substance misuse (covering both alcohol and drugs) and its links to risk, vulnerability and crime and disorder issues within Derbyshire.

It covers what substance misuse is, how it impacts on individuals and communities, signs and indicators to look out for and how to get advice and support.

Please note: This course is not a basic 'drugs or alcohol awareness' course. If you want to learn more about drug types and their effects, visit Talk to Frank for information or Alcohol Advice Training for courses in Derbyshire. You may also find it helpful to complete the Criminal Exploitation and County Lines eLearning module before attending this course.

Classroom courses are currently on hold. You may wish to book onto a Substance Misuse and Community Safety webinar. For more information please visit Derbyshire Learning Online.

Intended audience

This course is open to anyone from any agency in Derbyshire wishing to learn more about substance misuse in a community safety setting, related impacts and vulnerabilities, and how to refer in to local services.

Course subjects

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

  • what substance misuse is
  • the scale and scope of substance misuse in the UK and Derbyshire
  • how substance misuse impacts on communities – anti-social behaviour (ASB) and crime, including criminal exploitation
  • which agencies may be able to help
  • how substance misuse impacts on individuals – harms, risks and vulnerabilities, including cuckooing
  • signs and indicators to look out for
  • barriers to accessing support and how to overcome them
  • how to ask questions about substance misuse
  • staying safe – advice for workers
  • safeguarding and support – advice, referral routes, and support services available in Derbyshire
  • further training available

Course dates

  • No dates currently available

Courses are usually held at County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire.

To attend any of these events you will need to book your place via Derbyshire Learning Online.

How to book

You must have a Derbyshire Learning Online user account to be able to book onto this course.

If you already have an account:

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More information

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