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Keeping safe

To help partners support and prepare Derbyshire young people for the summer, the educational resource 'keep safe this summer' aims to allow young people to use scenarios and activities to stay safe.

For many young people, this summer will being a host of new challenges - we know how hard schools work to ensure students enjoy their Prom night in an alcohol and drug free environment. Out young people may face many other situations this summer where alcohol and drugs may be available.

Going to college and university can be one of the most exciting times in a young person's life, but it can also be a vulnerable time. Everything is new - people, places, managing finances and the challenges of deadlines and study. Some students use substances to help fuel their late night studies, help them relax or to have fun.

Many young people will attend a music festival over the summer, where they may come into contact with alcohol and drugs. Many festivals adopt a strict drug's policy which is applied in full.

There are two resources:

  • A Students Tale - this is a story of Taz who has got great GCSE results and is studying A Levels, but one night out and her world is turned upside down.
  • Festivals - an activity exploring the 'highs and lows' of going to festivals, and some handy tips.

Useful documents

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