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Cyber Security Awareness Month

Raising Awareness in October 2023

Derbyshire County Council are pleased to be working with Derbyshire police to support 'Cyber Security Awareness Month'. The campaign is planned by the National Cybersecurity Alliance in America, which last year was supported in 129 countries Worldwide.

In 2023, there are 4 key behaviours that are being promoted to internet users to help keep them safe from Cybercrime. These are:

  • strong passwords and password management
  • multi-factor authentication
  • recognising and reporting phishing
  • updating software

We have webinars planned to take place across the month, which are all free to attend. We will be exploring these 4 behaviours in more detail, as well as more specialised advice to suit the target audience.

The target audience is different for each webinar. You can sign up using the following links: