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Safeguarding adults at risk

We are committed to preventing the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults.

The definition of an adult at risk in Derby and Derbyshire is:

"Any person 18 years or over who is or appears to be eligible for local authority or mental health services assistance by reason of mental ill health, physical or learning disability, illness or age related frailty, or may be unable to take care of themselves or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation."

Abuse can happen anywhere and can include:

  • physical - hitting, slapping and punching
  • sexual - rape and other acts to which consent has not been given
  • emotional or psychological - threats or humiliation
  • neglect - left without food, heating or personal care
  • financial - theft of money, fraud, persuading an adult at risk to enter into a financial agreement which is to their detriment
  • discrimination - fair treatment because of gender, race, culture, background, age, disability, sexuality or illness

Abuse and neglect can amount to serious violations of an individual’s human and civil rights. Many acts of abuse constitute criminal offences and adults at risk are entitled to the full protection of the law. Where a crime has been committed, or is likely to be committed, it may be necessary to involve law enforcement agencies.

In addition, abuse and neglect are often characterised by a lack of respect for, or a violation of, the respect for individual dignity and decency that are at the core elements of both good care, and of fundamental social norms.

If you are concerned that an adult is being abused (or is at risk of abuse) then you should report this to your line manager as a matter of urgency and follow the Derby and Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults policy and procedures.

Policy and procedures can be found on the Derby Safeguarding Adults Board website.