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Offender management

We deal with offenders differently depending on whether they are an adult or a young person.

Offender management of adults

Derbyshire has an Integrated Offender Management (IOM) scheme which is focussed on offenders, not offences. It improves the way in which criminal justice agencies and other partners share information and work together to control, manage and supervise a small, targeted group of offenders who are assessed as being highly likely to re-offend.

Helping offenders into drug, alcohol, debt, health, children and accommodation services and encouraging them to remain there for as long as necessary is a key factor in reducing re-offending. Offenders will be encouraged to take responsibility and face up to the consequences of their actions by probation and other agencies.

Offender management of young people

Derbyshire Youth Offending Service work with young people and their communities to tackle youth crime in Derbyshire.

Useful documents

Documents are published in either Portable Document Format (PDF) or standard Microsoft Office formats. You can download software to view these documents for free if you are unable to view them.