Safe Place and Keeping Safe

The Safe Place and Keeping Safe scheme is led by Adult Care, and supported by Community Safety, Libraries, MacIntrye and many other partners.


The scheme aims to stop the bulling and abuse of people with learning disabilities in Derbyshire, and help them to feel safe and confident with out in the community.

Safe Place scheme

Derbyshire Safe Place scheme allows people with learning disabilities to go somewhere safe if they feel scared, threatened, are lost or in trouble when out and about across Derbyshire. There are more than 100 safe places across Derbyshire, and the Safe Place sticker is clearly displayed in the window of the business.

If you have a learning disability and feel scared when out and about, places taking part in the safe place scheme will provide you with a temporary place of safety.

The staff at a safe place will support you and contact either the emergency services such as the police or ambulance or the contact number on your keep safe card - whichever is most appropriate

All Safe Place's have received checks and staff training to ensure that they all know what to do if a person come in needing help. If you as a business would like more information about how to apply, please email:, or apply online.

Keep safe cards

Everyone with a learning disability should carry a keep safe card. It has their name on it and the contact details of someone they would want to contact if they needed help, like a family member or close friend.

The card is used to get help when out and about by finding a Safe Place and showing a member of staff the card.

When you are in a Safe Place, they will support you and contact the number on the card, or if its an emergency they will call the police or ambulance service.

You can apply for a Keep Safe card online, or email: