Illegal parking or highway obstruction

Information and contacts for you to report this type of anti-social behaviour.

Parking issues are handled by a mixture of local authority and police powers, depending on the situation.

Your local council will deal with parking issues covering: 

  • limited waiting bays 
  • double / single yellow lines 
  • on-street pay and display bays 
  • residents' parking zones or permit holders' only zones 
  • blue badge (disabled) bays 
  • loading bays 
  • bus stops clearways 
  • taxi bays 
  • school keep clears 
  • clearways 
  • dropped kerb access 
  • double parking 
  • pedestrian crossings 
  • council-owned car parks 
  • double parking - vehicle parked over 50 centimetres from the kerb

To report vehicles to Derby City Council, tel: 01332 640000 or to report vehicles to Derbyshire County Council, tel: 01629 533190.

Derbyshire police will deal with parking issues that cover:

  • double white lines 
  • obstruction, this may include pavement parking 
  • dangerous parking, this may include pavement parking 
  • bends 
  • brows of hills 
  • dropped kerb access (as well as the council) 
  • parking within 10m of junctions 
  • double parking (as well as the council) 
  • one-way traffic 
  • box junctions 
  • access only (unless access to premises is required) 
  • white hatched areas 
  • pedestrian crossings (as well as the council) 

To report vehicles to Derbyshire police, tel: 101.