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Information and contacts for you to report this type of anti-social behaviour.

Amber Valley

Report litter to Amber Valley Borough Council:


Report litter to Bolsover District Council tel: 01246 242424.


Report litter to Chesterfield Borough Council tel: 01246 345345.

Derby City

Report litter to Derby City Council tel: 0333 200 6981 (24-hour automated line).

Derbyshire Dales

Report litter to Derbyshire Dales District Council:


To report litter to Erewash Borough Council:

High Peak

Report litter to High Peak Borough Council tel: 0345 129 7777 or 01298 28400.

North East Derbyshire

Report litter to North East Derbyshire District Council tel: 01246 231111.

South Derbyshire

Report litter to South Derbyshire District Council tel: 01283 595795.