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Sexual assault referral centre (SARC)

A SARC is a specialist 24 per day seven days per week service for anyone aged 18 years and over who has been raped or sexually assaulted.

The SARC for Derbyshire and Derby City is located at Millfield House in Alfreton and is run by Mountain Healthcare. They aim to provide the following services under one roof:

  • medical care and forensic examination following assault or rape
  • counselling
  • sexual health services

Service users can choose whether they would like to inform the police at a later stage and have their samples stored (for up to 12 years) while they are considering what to do next. It is hoped that through this option, service users can take back some control over what is happening while allowing more time to make such an important decision.

In order to preserve any evidence that may be present it is vital that help from the SARC is accessed as immediately as possible after an assault. In addition, SARCs can advise on and assist with other medical needs.

If someone has been raped or sexually assaulted in the last 10 days, and think they might want to report it to the police, the following is advised:

  • Talk to Millfield House - they can give the person some choices and breathing space
  • If they haven’t already, don’t wash
  • Keep all clothing and underwear that they were wearing - put them in separate bags and don’t wash them, but if they have been washed, don’t worry, still put them in separate bags
  • Keep any sanitary towels or tampons worn at the time of the incident
  • Keep any discarded condoms from the incident
  • Keep and do not wash bedding that the incident took place on
  • If the attacker drank anything, don’t wash the glass or cup
  • If the attacker smoked, keep any cigarette ends
  • If the attacker chewed gum and discarded it, retrieve it and store it in the fridge
  • If the person has any injuries, ask a trusted friend or family member to photograph them

There's more information about the SARC on Millfield House SARC